Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Handmade Holiday Décor and Gift Ideas

Décor Ideas 
Instead of running out to the stores, try being green! Look around your house and see what you already have. You’ll probably have a lot of items with holiday décor potential that just need a bit of tweaking here and there. Tweaking can also be an inexpensive process. Use leftover ribbon or fabric scraps in your choice of color to accessorize your items. DT is always a great place to pick up some materials to tweak the items that you have.  It would probably be most helpful come up with a color scheme before doing anything else.
Gift Ideas
Sincere gifts don’t have to break the bank. Baking cookies and giving them to friends in gift boxes (purchased at DT) is a simple, inexpensive, and yummy gift to give to friends and families along with a hand written note that expresses some holiday cheer. Martha Stewart and Better Homes and Gardens are great sources for cookie recipes. Chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, snicker doodles, jam thumbprints, and double chocolate cookies always make the cookie gift box.
A hot cocoa mix in recycled glass jars also goes well with cookies. Be sure to include directions so your friends and family know how to prepare it. As far as the jars are concerned, think jelly jars, spaghetti sauce jars, and anything else that you might buy in a glass jar at the store. Of course you could always just purchase a set of twelve mason jars. You can make your own fun labels using MS Word or Publisher or Photoshop or your design weapon of choice. Even alphabet wall stickers from DT work well to label the jars. Be sure to clean and dry them well before filling with your mix.
If you’re not much into baking or creating hot cocoa mixes, you could always DIY just about anything in order to give your friends and family a special and meaningful gift.
What we would like to DIY for our family and friends this holiday season:
Picture frames, necklaces, t-shirts, wall art, family cookbook, bulletin board, dry erase family calendar or menu board, chalkboard, personalized stationary, and so on and so on. If that isn’t enough inspiration for you just check out some of the blogs we follow and love for more ideas.

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