Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Handmade Christmas!

A Handmade Christmas!

As much as we love Christmas, and we LOOOVE it, we’re excited it’s over because we finally get to show off all of the awesome handmade things we gave our friends and family this year!

We gave wall art…

"Love is all you need"

(Tutorial coming soon!)

We gave recipe cards…

Recipe Cards
(Set of 10, printed at home on card stock, tied together with a bow)

Feel free to print me out...

We gave craft kits…

Gumball Machine Kit (inspired by See Jane Blog)
Whoopsies! Forgot to take a picture, but the kit contained the following items:
Terracotta Pot from Michaels ($1.19)
Terracotta Planter from Michaels ($0.89)
Glass Bowl from Dollar Tree ($1.00)
Fuzzy Pom Pom Balls from Dollar Tree ($1.00)
- This was in the kit mostly just because they looked like gumballs for when the candy might run out.
Acrylic Paint Set with Paintbrush from Dollar Tree ($1.00)
Bag of Candy (M&M's went into this kit)

We gave cookies…

Super delicious chocolate cookies using this tasty recipe from the Martha Stewart Cookies Book.

Allison made this one!

That is one of Grandma's Buckeyes!

Crescent Cookies made by Grandma!

 Grandma's Molasses Cookies!

Along with apricot and raspberry thumbprints inspired by this recipe also from the Martha Stewart Cookies Book.

 These bars were also a huge hit! Prepare yourself for a workout when you cut these up.

Grandma likes to pack her cookies in tins lined with a lot of plastic wrap to keep cookies nice and fresh. If you want to take the cheaper route, pick up some gift boxes and tissue paper (seasonal or not) and pack cookies in a gift box lined with tissues paper. Tie a bow around it and VOILA!

Did you give or receive anything handmade?

All the best,

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