Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Coffee Table Story

Once upon a time a girl fell in love with a coffee table at Goodwill. Her mom thought it was weird though, and told her not to buy it. She went back to Goodwill a few days later and thought about what she could do to it to make it pretty again. Nothing came to mind immediately, and the girl left empty handed, seeking inspiration.

That night the girl went to sleep and had dreams about the coffee table. It was a restless night for the girl, and in the morning she called her best friend to join her on an adventure. The girl was scared when she walked in and didn’t see the coffee table she had literally lost sleep over. She searched all the nooks and crannies of the store.

Resigned, the girl began to leave the store when her best friend got the bright idea to ask one of the employees about the fate of the table. He knew instantly which coffee table she was speaking of, and told her it was actually about to be thrown away. The girl was happy to know that the coffee table could be hers and that she could rescue it from an untimely demise.

After spending just $4 and loading it up in the car, the girl drove her blank slate home. The girl would then cover the wicker coffee table in batting and two coordinating decorator fabrics from Jo-Ann’s and the girl and the coffee table lived happily ever after.

Yours truly,

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