Monday, October 4, 2010

Wine Rack turns "MagaWine Rack"

MagaWine Rack – {noun}, a wine rack turned magazine rack.

(Definition courtesy of Decor Roomies)

I saw this wine rack at my most favoritest Goodwill on Earth! It was a whopping four dollar purchase I just couldn’t pass up.

I thought we’d be able to put it on the counter and store wine bottles, but it just took up way too much space and all the wine disappeared after we had friends over for dinner.

So we stored some of our prettier Better Homes & Gardens and Country Living magazines on our wine rack.

And so the term “MagaWine Rack” was coined. It is very practical and cute to boot!

If you've re-purposed something in a creative way, feel free to share what you did by leaving us a comment :)

Happy Reading,
Chelsea & Allison

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  1. good use! I want one to put rolling pins in....but I have NO room for one. This is fun and I might have room in a bathroom for this!

  2. Cute idea, but I must say that I would much rather have wine in mine!! :-)

  3. This is a good use of wine rack its not neccessary that you put just wine bottles. You can use them as you want.