Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Functional DIY Jewelry Display

 A few weeks ago, this photo became an inspiration! Our friend Ashton got this idea from another blog and decided to make herself an earring display. It turned out great and was a less than $10 dollar project (way less!).

Decor Roomie Allison wanted to make a jewelry stand out of tree branches… but there aren’t many “good” trees in the apartment complex and what would the neighbors think!

After taking a look at Ashton’s photo, I (Allison) got to digging and recalled that I had a frame hiding under my bookshelf. It was supposed to be for artwork from the Hallmark factory in Kansas City that I got from a service trip excursion. I never got it in the frame the way I wanted/pictured it.  Then I just kept finding stuff to make the Jewelry Board and it took me 15 minutes to do the whole thing!

Here’s how:
- Picture frame (pick your size, Wal-Mart and Target  and DT have good deals)
- Cork Roll
- Cork Squares OR Foam Display board
- Spray Adhesive
- Exacto Knife OR Scissors
- Sewing Pins
- Fabric (Optional)

1)   Remove the glass and backing from the frame.
2)   Depending on what materials you are using…            
a.     Lay out your cork squares and make sure they fit your frame and trim with the exacto knife.
b.     Cut your foam display board to size using the exacto knife.
3)   Generously apply your spray adhesive to the backing of the frame and quickly apply either your cork squares or foam board.
4)   Depending on what materials you are using…
a.     Cut your thin cork roll piece to size using the exacto knife.
b.     Cut your fabric to slightly cover the edges of your backing using scissors.
5)   Generously apply your spray adhesive to the cork or foam on the backing and quickly apply either your cork roll or fabric.
6)   Insert your backing into the frame and secure.
7)   Use sewing pins to hang your necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.

Total cost for me :$7 (WAY WAY WAY cheaper than buying one)
Cork Squares: $1.97 on clearance at Joann Fabric
Cork Roll: ~$2 leftover half from another project
Frame: $3 (but FREE really since I got it forever ago!)

This would also work as just a bulletin board, which I am thinking of doing to replace the one I have had for the past 3 years of college. The one that says “I <3 Chelison – Val xoxo NOT Derek” in purple ink that won’t come off :( I even got two frames from work!

This also works well as a present for the holidays! Don’t be surprised if this is what some of you get :)

Yours Bejeweled,
Chelsea & Allison

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  1. That's really excellent! I have been struggling with what to do with my necklaces. I have way too many. I do have a lot of corkbord that I ended up with at a yard sale (hope I didn't pitch it). I also have a LARGE FRAME. I could put LOTS of necklaces on it. You have truly inspired me, which means that I'm going to follow you and I invite you to do the same with my blog! More roomies (haha)

  2. I hang my necklaces on a cork board too :)

  3. I love it! I could use one of these.