Thursday, March 10, 2011

Feeling Rebellious!

Since most of you are strangers and don’t know where we live… we have a confession. We destroyed beautified property that belongs to our apartment complex.Essentially, we took our standard apartment chandelier from brassy (ehhhh) to classy (ooooh la la!). Really we are doing our complex a major favor.

Thanks Google! We have no "before" picture.

Considering that brass was “the thing” before we were born (oh yeah – we’re late 80’s babies!) we weren’t all that thrilled with the brass nightmare dangling from the ceiling. 

A bottle of cheap-o primer and cheap-o spray paint and we were in business! We decided that white was our best option in case we ever needed to DENY that this was our doing. 

We have a good case too, since anything that was NOT supposed to be painted white (such as the brass door knobs and brass door locks) actually was sloppily spray painted over.

To improve upon this drastic, yet oh so welcome, color change we added “chandelier crystals.” No they aren’t Swarovski – easy mistake for the untrained eye ;)

Our “chandelier crystals” are actually beads from Micheal’s purchased on a day where all beads where on sale AND with lots of 40% off coupons. 

We are estimating that the final cost of this project is somewhere around $20. It took less than 3 hours total with drying time and re-installation. 

Thus if you are in a rebellious mood or just sick of looking at your brassy chandelier - go forth and do something about it! A quick trip to the store for supplies and we assure that you will be in business. Just don't electrocute yourselves - safety first!

Keep it classy not brassy,