Monday, February 28, 2011

Up on the Mantle!

We like to think that we live in a swanky, luxurious, grown-up apartment. We sort of do (thanks to our budget friendly DIY and decorating savvy), but some of the true built in futures (like a fireplace with a mantle) are missing from our college student apartment.

Never fear though – free shelves are always near! Okay, maybe not always, and maybe not for everyone. This is the second floating shelf that Allison got from a friend who was moving out of her apartment. The other one displays Chelsea’s “Antiques” sign in her room.

Chelsea's Room
Anyway, this spare floating shelf has become our makeshift mantle. You really can’t beat free either! We’ve been able to decorate for the seasons and holidays on our new mantle.
Christmas Mantle :)
Fall Mantle :)

Our current mantle “wardrobe” consists of a milk glass candlestick (a la Goodwill $2.99), mini pewter vases (scored at a sidewalk sale for a buck a piece in GA), green beer bottles (this is college), and a fancy LIVE sign from TarJay (CLEARANCE $3.74 instead of $15!), and finally the flowers are from Dollar Tree.

We’ve missed you all and promise that you’ll be hearing from us more in the near future! We’re about to be college graduates!!!!!

Mantleous Love

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