Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Teacher Appreciaton!!

Teacher appreciation week has taken on a whole new meaning for us since we’re actually teachers now!

Both of us just wrapped up our teaching internship. During that time we work under the supervision of a rock star teacher. Obviously we both learned A LOT from our respective teachers and wanted to thank them for allowing us to spend the past four months in their classrooms.

Here are a few of the things we created for our teachers:

Clipboards – the clipboards were a dollar a piece at Dollar Tree, we already had some of the scrapbook paper on hand,  and we definitely already had the mod podge. This was an extremely simple project!

1.    Cut the scrapbook paper to size by tracing the clipboard onto the paper.
2.    Use a paintbrush to spread a thin ribbon of mod podge around the edge of the clip board.
3.    Working quickly, place the scrapbook paper onto the clipboard.
4.    Spread mod podge all over the surface of the paper. 
5.    Repeat for the other side.

Button Apple on Burlap – this was an “already on deck” kind of project. Had the buttons, had the burlap, and had the turquoise frame. 

1.    Cut the burlap to size.
2.    Free hand an apple (using chalk) onto the burlap.
3.    Hot glue the buttons over the chalk outline.
4.    Fill out the apple with more buttons or leave it empty.

I found the inspiration for the apple on Etsy without even planning on it. I was just shopping around for art…

Additionally, teachers can always use essential supplies like:
         Paper clips
         Brightly colored printer paper
         Paper towels
         Cleaning supplies
         Fun expo markers

If you want to get more sentimental than that, a thank you card will do!

Have fun!


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