Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Of Bulletin Boards and Stitches

Where to start?
I have been trying to think of a plan for the area above my desk for a while now. I wasn’t feeling my dry erase/bulletin board combo from the good ole dorm room anymore. Maybe it was the permanent dry erase marker stains? Or the bright blue yarn we used to hang this up sophomore year? I’m not sure what lead to its ultimate demise, but I was ready to move on.
A few weeks after I had the initial thought to change things up and once I figured out how EASY it is to make bulletin boards , I found these two wonderful frames at work. In the trash. For free. Of course they came home with me. Of course they lived in my car for a week before ever making it onto my room. Eventually* I decided to turn one of them into a bulletin board for the area above my desk.
*Eventually = 3 weeks

I decided that I deserved a break from my unit plan and teacher work sample and think pieces and other assignments I no longer have to think about (insert happy dance) to make this bulletin board.
I got out my wood filler, pliers, and trusty ORB spray paint and got to work!

As I was cleaning up my mess supplies I was attacked by a ninja holding a piece of picture frame glass. Obviously, he was trying to steal my mad crafting skills again and he threatened me with the picture frame glass. I am not one to back down from ninjas with picture frame glass in their hands and really thought I could take the ninja. But I couldn’t. He dropped the piece of glass and it fell onto one of the toes on my right foot while another corner of the glass made its way down my left leg and left me with a mere scratch below the leg and a three inch gash above my ankle. The ninja ran away because he was scared of the blood. I waited until the following day to go to the doctor and get stitches and a tetanus shot because it didn’t seem too bad. 
Once I got over this traumatic experience (21 years without stitches – I only whimpered little bit) I covered foam display board in black fabric. I then taped a diamond lattice design and painted it with green craft paint. I didn’t like the final product though, so I dug through my fabric box and created this instead. It’s all finished now and I couldn’t be happier.
This is my new "above-desk" view :)
 Chelsea & Allison
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 We also wish you a very happy thanksgiving and safe holiday travels :) 

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  1. I've never had stitched or a broken bone, knock on wood.